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The Classification of Charter Boats
There are various classifications of charter yachts throughout the world but it is necessary to know and understand the various kinds of these charters before making a decision on which charter to opt, and you can use the following explanations to be able to do this.
The first type is motor yacht charters and it entails the use of a wide range of luxury motor yachts that vary from largest private superyacht charters to smaller crewed motor yachts and this type is advantageous because it offer a large outside deck, spacious accommodation, and plenty of room for water toys.
The second type of charter yachts is the sailing yachts, with their charter giving more luxury than the motor yachts since they are well crafted and have a beautiful design and they also offer an opportunity for one to enjoy themselves along the way with, with an example being participating in a regatta competition, even if you are not a serious contender and these yachts are available in many parts around the world.
The third type is the Catamarans, which have the comfort and space of motor yachts, but are more advanced than the motor yachts because they have sails, making them able to sail and have double privacy two accommodation areas and two hulls making them more numerous and more popular.
The next charter is the Popular charter, and is based on the popularity which comes from the age of the yacht, style and proven crew, which all make them get booked out when the vacation seasons are beginning, with this charter benefiting heavily form charter brokers since popular yachts depend on feedback and performance, with it being an always evolving charter unlike the ones above.
The fifth charter type is the new yacht charter, which rates the yachts based on how new they are since new yachts come with a fashionable and novel design not seen before and also have improvements in the nautical technology, but the best rated new yacht should have old crew because the best charter holiday is based on the experience and quality of the crew.
The final and sixth charter to discuss is the crewed yachts charter and is based on the crew members of the yacht and it is important to evaluate the charter based on the crew, because like mentioned earlier, the crew are part of the ingredients of a great vacation and while giving examples of the captain and the chef, an excellent captain will smoothly steer the yacht to a calm vacation while the chef prepares the best cuisine to satisfy you, and so does the other members play their part.
Other charters not discussed include, all inclusive, family friendly charters, private yachts, superyachts and corporate and even yachts.

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