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Handling Food Waste Professionally

Human beings waste about one-third of the food they cook according to estimates. This is due to the fact that only some parts of the food items are edible. There are many hazards to the environment associated with waste food disposal. Most eateries prefer using landfills as points for waste food disposal. Trucks usually carry the food remnants to the landfills. By doing this you will definitely cause environmental pollution.

First of all, the trucks would emit gases that are not friendly to the environment. Carbon dioxide which is toxic to the environment is also emitted by the waste food. These factors have necessitated the discovery of more efficient methods of food waste management. A notable mention here is the food waste digester. Food waste disposed of by these equipment does not cause harm to the environment. As the name suggests, digesters chemically break down the food remnants and contain the carbon dioxide that would have been emitted if the food was disposed of using traditional methods of disposal.

One of the companies that deal with food waste digesters is IUGIS. They have one of their digesters called ORCA waste digester. There are several reasons that should make you use such equipment. First thing is that it is a cheaper method of food waste disposal than disposal to landfills. Installation on site means that you won’t pay transport cost when using waste digesters. This means that if you are running a hotel or restaurant, the food digester will be installed next to your premise.

Think about food waste helping the environment as opposed to polluting it. The control of pests by using food waste digesters would actually aid this by eradicating pests that would be occasioned by traditional methods of waste food disposal. There are human diseases that can be caused by such pests. By using waste digesters you also enable your staff members to handle food waste in a more healthy manner. This is actually safer for them in terms of their health. Food waste digesters aid in the reduction of air and water pollution which is a significant benefit.

To efficiently dispose of waste food, eateries can follow very simple guidelines. First of all, find a suitable company that offers good machines for disposal such as the ORCA waste digester offered by IUGIS. Secondly get a good spot next to your premise where the digester can be installed. This will lead to being an efficient disposer of your waste food products. Remember that the digester actually works on site hence the purification of the food waste will happen there and then which protects your premise from pollution. There you have it, a wonderful way to manage your waste food without causing environmental pollution to you, your staff or the premise.

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