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Advocating For Peace

The main goal of creating community for peace is to mobilize for peace and conflict resolution through music and arts industry. The organization intends to partner with artists and other people to improve music and counter the problems facing Israel. It is also an objective for the organization to fight for the freedom of arts and music and use the popularity of music to bring peace to Israel. Many people enjoy music and this can be very crucial to encouraging for peace and harmony between people of all backgrounds. Popular artists and musicians have so many fans and their popularity could be used to preach for harmony and peace.

Israel has been facing problems such as boycotts, divestments, and sanctions which create a bad image for the citizens. Through the mutual understanding created by music in that people of different backgrounds and countries connect it can influence peace. If artists and the high profile entities could visit the country and see the problems for themselves they could ensure to do all it takes to restore peace. Some of the things said about the place are not true and if the influential figures visited the country they could help in creating a positive image for the country. The issues facing Israel have been going on for a long time and the organization has always tried to make life better for the people.

The top figures in the entertainment industry have a wide reach and by meeting them in one on one meetings they are taught and made aware of the crisis in Israel. After the entities are educated they also educate their friends and other artists and encourage for action to be taken. The fans and followers of the popular artists are then educated by the artists and mobilized to be part of the campaign against the problems faced by the country. Television and online media has a wide reach and as such the organization utilizes the platform to advocate for peace in Israel. Lots of people especially Jews have been helped by the creative community for peace when they encounter problems in different countries.

People can join the creative community for peace in the fight against cultural boycotts of Israel for a better future. There are various ways through which different people can contribute to the organization including making others aware of the issues the country faces. People can also give donations to the creative community for peace so that they can use the funds to help those in need. Some schools have been built in the country using the funds donated and other projects are also initialized.

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